About Us


CEO, Co-Founder

In addition to usual CEO duties, Tomasz is reponsible for project management and for software analysis and design. His areas of expertise include Semantic Web (Linked Data), ontology management, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning...

Tomasz has been working at RD Projekt since its inception in 2004. Before co-founding RD Projekt, from 2001 to 2004, he worked at NuTech Solutions, an American high tech company, where he developed information retrieval and big data systems for large American and Polish clients. Earlier, between 1999 and 2001, he was a Business Intelligence Systems Consultant at Arthur Andersen, one of the biggest professional services firms at the time, where he developed management information systems and data warehouses for Polish telecom and oil & gas companies.

Tomasz holds a Master's Degree with a distinction in computer science from Warsaw University (1999).

When he is not working, he spends time with his family, plays drums, listens to rock, electronic and baroque music, and enjoys traveling.


CTO, Co-Founder

Łukasz Sznuk is responsible for the strategic direction of the business and for managing all aspects of technology, including managing the company's technology strategy, technical project management, and recruitment of engineering staff. He is also involved in analysis, design, and software engineering. Łukasz is particularly skilled in low-level, parallel and network programming, and in advanced C++...

Łukasz has been working in the software business for more than 25 years. Highlights from his previous work include web information retrieval software for PR firms and custom database applications for Polskie Radio S.A. and T-Mobile. Further, he designed and implemented an access control system for Linux-powered thin clients based on smart cards, an international project in 1999-2000, while working for NcVirtual.

Łukasz is currently working towards a PhD in the field of combinatorial algorithms at the University of Warsaw in the Computer Science Department. It is there that he also teaches both the design and programming of operating systems like Windows and Linux, as well as network programming.

His publications include "Sentiment classification of Internet opinions on products" (in Polish; co-authored by Tomasz Łukaszewicz), for the: "Proceedings of the 5th national conference on knowledge engineering and expert systems", Wroclaw University of Technology, 2003.

Łukasz holds an MSc in computer science from the University of Warsaw (1999).


Chief Scientist

Witold Łukaszewicz brings to RD Projekt a profound knowledge of artificial intelligence and experience in leading large research projects. Witold also works part time as Professor at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn...

Previously, for more than 30 years, he held academic positions at the University of Warsaw and at Linkoping University in Sweden. He led numerous research projects concerning artificial intelligence, sponsored by institutions like the European Commission, Wallenberg Foundation and the Polish State Committee for Scientific Research. Upon invitation, he has given many lectures at institutions of higher learning across Europe, including Exeter University, Bath University, Imperial College, and Barcelona University, and co-organized several international conferences and workshops.

He has authored more than 40 remarkable publications on the subjects of knowledge representation, automated reasoning, expert systems, computational linguistics, and multi-agent systems.

Witold holds a Ph.D. in computer science and an M.Sc. in mathematics from the University of Warsaw.