Each of the projects we work on is overseen by one of our directors - Łukasz or Tomasz.
Łukasz and Tomasz also take an active part in the design and implementation.

The size of the team depends on the client's needs: we run one person projects as well
as ten person projects. If the work is delivered in a continuous manner, then the team
is fixed (unless the client suggests changes to the team).

Our ideal model of collaboration is having a dedicated team of people working as an
extension of your team on a long-term project. In this approach we usually do scrum
with 2-week iterations
and frequent meetings conducted over Teams, Zoom,
GoToMeeting, Meet, etc. We can also consider working for you in other ways
that suit you.

Our team has been described as independent and requiring very little guidance
and supervision by the people we work with.

We work out of the Warsaw, Poland office but will gladly travel anywhere.